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Kirsty Christmas
Christies Beach
0421 108 139

Blending psychotherapy with creative expression and exploration to develop personal growth, wellbeing, insight and healing.  

Hello, I am Kirsty, a professional, qualified transpersonal Arts Therapist (among other things!). I offer a safe, empathetic space in which clients can express and explore what's happening in their inner and outer worlds. I journey with you as you navigate life's path.

'I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being' -Hafiz

Arts Therapy combines psychotherapy with creative mediums and directives - a session may include art mediums, writing, movement or sound. Art Therapy aids clients to externalise their inner world, to have their story witnessed, and to find insight and possibly new trajectory through arts exploration and processing.

Working with client goals, I devise directives and choose mediums to allow for expression and processing. Artistic 'skill' is not required to engage in Art Therapy. The emphasis is generally placed on creative process and expression rather than the final product:

“You will usually discover that the creative process itself is truly the most healing part of any art therapyexperience.” ― Cathy A. Malchiodi, The Art Therapy Sourcebook

 My Arts Therapist work history is diverse, including working with individuals and groups in private practice, in-school and community settings. I also create and facilitate workshops and programmes for organisations and private delivery.

My experience includes working with:

    • adolescents, children, women, teenage girls & boys groups, parent-child relationship/attachment, families & workplace wellbeing.


    • trauma, suicide ideation, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, addiction, sexual abuse, domestic violence, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), behavioural issues, mental health, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, life transitions.


An Art Therapy session may result in:

    • a sense of relief that someone has heard/seen/witnessed what's happening for you


    • a greater sense of peace and calm


    • renewed enthusiasm for life


    • healing


    • accessing your own stored inner knowledge


    • fresh insight


    • problem solving


    • new tools for wellbeing


    • a new way of being in the world


    • making the unconscious conscious


    • creative flow


    • flourishing



    • PRIVATE PRACTICE-children, adolescents & adults-individual & group-Apr 2015-ongoing


    • RE-ENGAGE YOUTH SERVICES, INC-individual, group & workshops-young people (adolescents) on-site, Christies Beach High School & FLO programmes, young Mums weekly group programme-Mar 2015-Dec 2017


    • O'SULLIVAN BEACH CHILDREN'S CENTRE(OSBCC)-individual & group Art Therapy & workshops with adults, adolescents & children-Jul 2015-Dec 2015


    • OSBCC–workshops–Intro to Art Therapy for carers and parents-Nov2015


    • PEARSON ALLIED HEALTH–school holiday group programmes-children with ASD-Oct 2015 & weekly Social Skills group programme-Nov 2015-Feb2016


    • LEARNING TOGETHER-SACE Young Mums workshops-Nov 2015


    • LADY GOWRIE LEARNING HUB educator workshops-Nov 2015 & Apr 2016


    • IKON INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA-Guest presenter–Oct 2015 & teaching role offer


    • WOODSIDE OSHC-educator workshop/training-Nov 2015 & Apr 2016


    • LADY GOWRIE ARTS CONFERENCE-guest presenter educator workshops-Jun 2016


    • CHRISTIES BEACH HIGH SCHOOL-Year 8&9 girls groups Mar 2017-Dec 2017


    • HACKHAM WEST R-7 parent & child 'managing big feelings' programme-Term 3, 2017


    • HACKHAM WEST R-7-family Art Therapy-Term 4, 2017


    • CHRISTIES DOWNS COMMUNITY CENTRE-'Children's Voices' council grant workshops-Nov & Dec 2017


    • WOODCROFT LIBRARY 'Children's Voices' council grant workshops-Nov & Dec 2017


    • CBHS FLO 'Chill Zone'-art therapy, movement & meditation' programme-SEP 2017-ongoing


    • Co-owner/operator of community heart studio, Christies Beach, South Australia



    • Adults $160 for 90 minutes


    • Children/Adolescence $140 for 60 minutes


    • Group or family session (2-6 people) $300 for 90 minutes.


    • Workshops and programs - to be negotiated



Workshops - 2 hours • to be negotiated

on-site or in-school / in-organisation workshops

Programmes - 2 hours • to be negotiated

on-site or in-school/in-organisation programmes

Group or Family Arts Therapy - 1 hour and 30 minutes • from $300

Group or Family Arts Therapy for 2-6 people including all materials

One-on-one Arts Therapy - 1 hour • $140 for 60 mins / $160 for 90 mins

One-on-One Arts Therapy session including all materials


    • Graduate member of ACATA


    • Commitment to ongoing, regular professional Supervision


For appointments, or opportunity to further discuss my services, please contact on facebook, email request (above) or call.


What an incredible experience.
I felt welcome, safe, and extremely comfortable about taking the journey I did with Kirsty. The environment was prepared, well thought out and nurturing.

Art therapy is a fantastic way to navigate through what life can throw at us. I have managed to gain some important insight and release what was unwanted.

To have such an amazing therapist like Kirsty is only a blessing. Thank you for all your support, complete acceptance and professionalism.

  • Bachelor of Arts-Psychology & Sociology: Flinders University Adelaide (1993-1995)
  • Diploma of Arts - Professional Writing:
    Adelaide Centre for the arts
  • Diploma of Arts-Professional Writing: Adelaide Centre for the arts (2006-2010)
  • Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy: Ikon Institute of Australia (2013-2015)

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